3 words to live by, practice and stand behind. | Skin and Sage Apothecary
September 15, 2020

3 words to live by, practice and stand behind.

By Jasmine Ellis
Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but the practice of optimism and belief in better days can hold more power than any storm. Beyond the faith of goodness, the conversations we have within ourselves are just as important. Life may be happening outside of you, and it could very well be chaotic. However, the words we speak and the thoughts we sing to ourselves don't have to be.
I have 3 words you can use to start replacing those negative words and transform your thoughts and talks with yourself into a more positive and uplifting vibration.
Here are my 3 words to live by, practice and stand behind.
1. Believe: I believe in myself. I believe in my power. I am capable. 
2. Release: It is ok to let go. So I release everything that is not for my highest good.
3. Gratitude: I appreciate my happiness and the good things in my life and give thanks to my divine power.
Incorporate these words and write them in your journal and on sticky notes and place them in places you go to daily. (bathroom, car, kitchen etc..) Get creative and create a vision/mood board inspired by these words and include your own affirmations.
May your journey be happy and healthy.