About Us

We believe that when it comes to your skin, you deserve to be in a place of empowerment.

We have always believed that your skin is happier when it's healthier, and when we started as My Skin Trx, we knew that if we could bring that kind of wellness to your skin, we could bring it to your spirit.

We've been able to expand our mission while staying true to our core beliefs—and now, as Skin and Sage Apothecary, we're ready to take the next step: bringing the best of both worlds together. Our handcrafted products are designed with love and care, and they're here to help you empower yourself by bringing your skin into balance and your spirit into a higher vibration. That's why we've created this store to bring you products that are:

Inclusive: We celebrate diversity, and we want everyone to feel welcome here. Whether you're black, white, brown or purple; whether you're gay or straight; whether you're male or female—we want you to come into our sacred space and feel at home!

Nontoxic: A lot of products out there are full of chemicals and toxins that can hurt your health and send your body into shock. We believe in creating products without any of those harmful ingredients so they can not only be healthier for your skin but also won't harm the environment around us either!

Cruelty-Free: We don't believe animals should suffer so we make sure that all our products are cruelty-free (i.e., free from animal testing).

Environmentally Conscious: Our planet is one of our most precious resources, so it's important for us to make sure that everything we do doesn't harm it in any way possible—especially in terms.
We welcome you to our sacred space, Skin and Sage Apothecary.