Smudge Ritual Spray


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Looking for a smoke-free alternative to cleanse the energy around you without the smoke? Enjoy our uplifting and citrus Smudge Spray!

This 2 oz Ritual spray is perfect to avoid pesky alarms and pet-sensitive areas. Infused with Black Tourmaline crystals and charged Lunar water, this enchanted mist works to cleanse, clear, and protect your space, being, and belongings!

This product is Palo Santo Free to spare the endangered and increasingly sacred Holy Wood.

Good For: cleansing, protecting, and uplifting people, places, and things. Perfect for self-cleansing, and energy clearing of new spaces, spaces that were occupied with a lot of people ( a social event), and spaces or belongings that feel conflicted. 

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee the outcome of any spell or ritual work used with my products. My products are tools that are here to guide you on your journey of spiritual wellness and magick.

By law, this product is sold as an accessory/curios and encouraged for entertainment uses only. By purchasing from Skin and Sage LLC, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. Please keep this product away from children and pets. Do not store or keep in direct sunlight. Avoid direct contact with open flames.