Sugar Wax Hair Removal Paste


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Looking to remove body hair, but don't want to shave or wax? Your natural, nontoxic and easy to use sensitive skin friendly alternative is here!

Remove any body hair with our high-quality hair removing sugar waxing paste! This paste is made with all natural ingredients and handcrafted to bring you an easy at-home hair removal method that's gentle to the skin with hairless results that last! 


Use once a month once hair is at least the length of a grain of rice for best results!

One jar can last over 6 months! 

This Sugar Waxing Paste is...

  • Sensitive skin friendly!
  • A natural skin exfoliator! 
  • Hypoallergenic!
  • Water soluble for easy clean up!
  • Made with natural and nontoxic ingredients!
  • Can be used multiple times!
  • Reduces ingrown hairs!
  • Long lasting results! 

PASTE STYLE: MEDIUM/FIRM made great for legs, arms, brazilians, bikini lines, underarms, bigger areas and thick/coarse hair! 

Created by a Licensed Esthetician and Sugaring Expert!


How to use: Warm sugar paste by hand, microwave (in 5 sec intervals. No more than 30 secs overall) or double boiling method until soft. Prep sugar area by making sure it is clean of any oils and that the skin is dry. Hold skin tight, apply sugar paste in the opposite direction of hair growth 3 times and flick off hard from the edge of the paste in the direction of hair growth. Wipe sugared area clean with cool water and apply a soothing oil to finish. 

Avoid sex, sweating, synthetic fragrances and any shared waters for 24hrs after sugaring. Do not exfoliate sugared area for 48hrs post sugaring. 

Suggested Sugaring Ritual Schedule:

First Time? Sugar every 3 weeks for first 3 months.

Sugaring Regular? Sugar every 4 weeks.

Long time Sugarer? Sugar every 4-5 weeks or until hair is grain of rice long.